A Conversation with Kun Zhao

kun zhao

Secretary General of the Aerosol Committee of the China Packaging Federation, Beijing, China

AEROSOL EUROPE: Last November, AEROTECH/METAL-TECH was held in Ningbo again. From our point of view the show was a big success. What is your impression? Can you give our readers some figures regarding attendees and exhibitors?

Kun Zhao: There were about 7300 attendees and 140 exhibitors.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Ningbo was the venue for this event for the third time this year. Will Ningbo be the venue again in the future?

Kun Zhao: Ningbo will be the preferred destination, for changing exhibition locations frequently is not a good idea. Ningbo is a city that is famous in Chinese history and culture. It is an important port city, just a short distance from South Korea and Japan, and it is very close to Shanghai. Aerosol trade shows have enjoyed strong support from the local government, trading companies, and upstream and downstream industries. Ningbo’s future development is in line with the positioning of our exhibition. We will continue to promote this exhibition to scale and brand development. We also thank you for the support from Aerosol Europe over the years.

AEROSOL EUROPE: How is communication between AAF and, for example, FEA – the European aerosol association or the North American aerosol association?

Kun Zhao: We know that AAF communicates with major aerosol organizations around the world. Please consult the AAF secretariat for more details.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Does AAF cooperate somehow with Latin American aerosol associations?

Kun Zhao: We know that AAF communicates with major aerosol organizations in the world. Please consult the AAF secretariat for more details.

AEROSOL EUROPE: In which segment of aerosol production in China have you seen the greatest growth in recent years?

Kun Zhao: The greatest growth in China over the past few years has undoubtedly been in automotive supplies and personal care products.

AEROSOL EUROPE: In which segment do you see the biggest growth potential in the future?

Kun Zhao: Personal care products and food.

AEROSOL EUROPE: What is the present situation of the Chinese aerosol industry?

Kun Zhao: The annual output and sales of the Chinese aerosol industry are rising steadily, aerosol plants and equipment are being updated, the product structure is constantly being adjusted, and regulations and standards are improving day by day.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Are there any new trends in China regarding aerosols?

Kun Zhao: Personal care products and household products will be the engine of development for aerosols in the future. Aerosols and electronic commerce, aerosols and the Belt and Road Initiative are both new challenges and opportunities.

AEROSOL EUROPE: In general, how do you see the future of aerosol products in China?

Kun Zhao: China is a big producer and user of aerosols. The prospects for the use of aerosol products by Chinese families and individuals are quite bright. In the future, China’s aerosol industry will explode thanks to the rapid growth of e-commerce and personal demand. In the process, we will need more efficient and stable manufacturing equipment, more professionals, and a broader international exchange platform. The professional aerosol committee of the China Packaging Federation is actively working in these areas. We also welcome international peers to help us develop the market and achieve mutual benefit and a win-win outcome.

AEROSOL EUROPE: Mr. Zhao, we thank you for this conversation.

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